Morgan Lucas Schuldt

Poet and publisher, Morgan Lucas Schuldt passed away on January 30, 2012, from complications of Cystic Fibrosis; he was 33 years old. The son of Barbara Schuldt and Murray Dychtwald, Morgan was born and raised in Toms River, NJ where he grew up loving the jersey shore, Jersey’s Mikes subs, poetry, his dogs and family. Morgan was in the honors society at Toms River High School East. His favorite outfit- ripped jeans, a T-shirt, flip-flops and ball cap—belied his accomplishments.

He earned a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Virginia in 2000. He earned an MFA in Poetry in 2002 and an MA in English Literature in 2007 from the University of Arizona and became an adjunct professor there teaching Poetry. Tucson became his inspiration and where he pursued a career in writing, editing, and teaching.

Morgan learned compassion, a tenacious spirit and a desire to see the world from his parents. He learned strength, perseverance, and a commitment to kindness and justice from the world. Morgan was also romantic, loyal and very funny. He was a tireless champion of his friends’ writing and sought by many as an editor and mentor. For others, he was a source of encouragement and a voice of reason. Language was his medium and inspired his art and wit but he was also a connoisseur of film, television, music, comedy, and painting; he was known to have impeccable taste.

Morgan lived his life as if each day was his last. Some say, in the 33 years he lived, he accomplished more than most.

per Severance

Morgan had such great tenacity and never let the severity of his disease cut him off from having the life he wanted, or to achieve the goals he had set out to accomplish. Through perseverance and his dedication to the arts, Morgan had left us with masterfully written bodies of work that are ahead of its time, and his legacy continues to live on through Breathe.

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He is the author of “Verge,” a collection of poems published by Free Verse Editions, and three chapbooks- “Otherhow” (Kitchen Press), “L=U=N=G=U=A=G=E” (Scantily Clad Press), “As vanished, unespecially,” (Flying Guillotine Press), and after his death, “erros” Poems (Parlor Press). Also, he was the co-founder of “Cue,” a journal of prose poems, and “CUE Editions,” a Poetry press. Follow the links below to see some of his acclaimed works.